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Journey in Data Science

During my tenure as Lead Machine Learning Engineer at PitchBook Data, I have led a highly successful team of engineers and served as a liaison between key stakeholders and technical teams. My responsibilities included mapping out product roadmaps and implementing machine learning systems designed to optimize cost-effectiveness and functionality.

In roles at Nuance and VoiceBox, I specialized in the development of text-based language models tailored to support a range of domain-specific applications including automotive assistants and medical dictation software.


I hold a Master of Philosophy in Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Washington. My academic experience has provided me with a strong foundation to analyze and interpret language data rigorously.

About Me

Welcome! I'm Daniel, a seasoned machine learning engineer and data science consultant specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP). With over a decade of experience in tech and linguistics, I combine cutting-edge machine learning techniques with strategic insight to drive business growth. Whether it's extracting valuable information from unstructured data or aiding in decision-making processes through predictive analysis, I offer holistic NLP solutions.

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